Microsoft Outlook 97 Configuration
  1. From the Outlook Tools menu, choose Services...
  2. Select the Services tab.
  3. If Internet Mail appears in the list of services:
    1. Highlight Internet Mail.
    2. Click the Properties button.
    3. Go to step 7.

    If Internet Mail does not appear, continue with step 4.


  4. Click the Add... button.
  5. In the Add Service to Profile window, highlight Internet Mail.


  6. Click OK.
  7. In the Internet Mail window, select the General tab.
  8. Enter your full name and e-mail address under Personal Information.
  9. For Internet Mail server, enter
  10. For Account name, enter your username (note that this is case-sensitive).
  11. For Password, enter your e-mail password (also case-sensitive).


  12. Select the Connection tab.
  13. Under Connecting to Internet Mail, choose connect using the modem.
  14. For Dial using the following connection,
    select your Dialup connection.


  15. Click OK.
  16. If you have added the Internet Mail service, you will be prompted to restart Outlook. Click OK.
  17. Click OK again to dismiss the Services window.
  18. Quit and restart Outlook if necessary.

Sending Mail

  1. To write a new e-mail message, from the Compose menu, choose New Mail Message.
  2. Enter primary recipients in the To field, carbon copy recipients in the CC field (optional), and a title for the message in the Subject field.
  3. To attach files to the message, from the Insert menu, choose File...
  4. When your message is finished, click the Send button. This places the message in your outbox, and it will be sent the next time you check mail.

Checking Mail

  1. To check for new mail on the server, from the Tools menu, choose Check for New Mail...
  2. New messages will be downloaded and placed in the Inbox.
  3. To read a message in the Inbox, double-click on it.
  4. To reply to the message, click the Reply button. To forward it, click the Forward button.
  5. To file the message in a folder, from the File menu, choose Move to Folder... or Copy to Folder...
  6. To delete the message, from the File menu, choose Delete.