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Using FTP to upload a site home page to the server:

Site Management Access

-> first please bookmark this site so that it is easy to access in the future Site administrators use the URL:

Once you enter this URL, you will be prompted for the site administrator's user name and password which your hosting company supplied to you.

NOTE: please make sure cookies are enabled, as this is a secure access site.

Upload Your Website
As a site administrator, you have the privilege to publish your website.
Once you have created a home page and you want to post it, you can upload it by following the steps listed below.

Download and install a FTP program of your choice. If you do not have one, you may use e.g.: WS FTP LE Client. This Program is free shareware, located at the link below

  • Note: Before uploading your home page, make sure its file name is index.html (note the "l" at the end, do NOT use .htm only!). The uploaded page will appear at
  • FTP connect to the following host: (use your domain name, NOT an IP address).
  • your main directory is /web  >>>  click here for more information    <<< Important:
  • the web directory you see when you first log in is your PERSONAL user web directory, NOT the directory where you upload your website. You have to go up three steps to get to the main directory /web for your website, or enter 'remote folder /web' directly into your FTP program. You are in the correct path when you see /log, /users, /web, /webalizer in your FTP program. Click on that /web.
  • your cgi's goes in /web/cgi-bin
  • your images goes in /web/images
  • Anything put under /.users/your site number/<your-user-name>/web (your PERSONAL web directory) will appear a
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